Why is copy-​and-​paste not work­ing prop­er­ly on my site?

This is a known com­pro­mise that comes with hy­phen­ation. The hy­phen­ation fea­ture works by in­sert­ing soft-​hyphen char­ac­ters at every pos­si­ble hy­phen­ation point. They are typ­i­cal­ly in­vis­i­ble, and should on­ly show up at the end of a line if the word wraps.

Un­for­tu­nate­ly, not every ed­i­tor is smart enough to prop­er­ly han­dle soft hy­phens. Text copied from your web page will in­clude soft hy­phen char­ac­ters. Some pro­grams will dis­play a space in­stead of a soft hy­phen. Some may dis­play ac­tu­al hy­phens. And it may break spell check even if the char­ac­ters are dis­played cor­rect­ly. If you want hy­phen­ation on the web, you must use soft hy­phens. If you use soft hy­phens, oth­er pro­grams may not like copied text.