Avatar Pri­va­cy

Avatars from Gra​vatar​.com are great, but they come with cer­tain pri­va­cy im­pli­ca­tions. You as site ad­min may al­ready know this, but your vis­i­tors and users prob­a­bly don’t. Avatar Pri­va­cy can help to im­prove the pri­va­cy sit­u­a­tion by mak­ing some sub­tle changes to the way avatars are dis­played on your site.

The plu­g­in works with­out chang­ing your theme files if you use a mod­ern theme, and it does sup­port (sim­ple) mul­ti­site in­stal­la­tions. It re­quires at least PHP 5.6 and Word­Press 4.6. For the plu­g­in to do any­thing for you, you need to vis­it the dis­cus­sion set­tings page in the Word­Press ad­min area and en­able Show Avatars. Please note that the plu­g­in does not pro­vide an op­tions page of its own, it rather adds to the ex­ist­ing Discussion set­tings page.


The plugin’s fea­tures summed up:

  • Add lo­cal avatar caching to en­sure the pri­va­cy of your web­site vis­i­tors.
  • Let users and com­menters ex­plic­it­ly opt-​in be­fore us­ing gra­vatars.
  • Don’t pub­lish en­crypt­ed e-​mail ad­dress­es for peo­ple who are not mem­bers of Gra​vatar​.com.
  • Use de­fault avatar im­ages host­ed on your serv­er rather than Gra​vatar​.com.

If you are in­ter­est­ed in the top­ic, there’s al­so a more de­tailed dis­cus­sion on the Rea­sons for Us­ing Avatar Pri­va­cy.


Avatar Pri­va­cy can be in­stalled from the Word­Press plu­g­in repos­i­to­ry. If you’d like to di­rect­ly fol­low our on­go­ing de­vel­op­ment ef­forts, you can do so on GitHub (fea­ture re­quests and bug re­ports are al­so wel­come there).


Avatar Pri­va­cy is based on the orig­i­nal plu­g­in by Jo­hannes Freuden­dahl. The new re­lease al­so in­cludes work by sev­er­al oth­er peo­ple: