Our da­ta pro­tec­tion no­tice ex­plains which da­ta we col­lect, process and store for which pur­pose when you use this website.

Da­ta con­troller with­in the mean­ing of Gen­er­al Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion (GDPR): Pe­ter Putzer (privacy@​mundschenk.​at).

Re­quest Data

This web­site us­es Sta­t­i­fy to an­a­lyze site us­age. To help us im­prove our on­line ser­vices, we col­lect anonymized sta­tis­ti­cal da­ta (le­git­i­mate in­ter­est un­der Ar­ti­cle 6(1)(f) of the GDPR):

  • Date and time and tech­ni­cal met­rics con­cern­ing trans­mis­sion duration,
  • URL of the re­quest­ed page,
  • URL of the orig­i­nat­ing page (ref­er­er),
  • URLs of ac­cessed ex­ter­nal links (if applicable),

We do not store the IP ad­dress your com­put­er. The col­lect­ed da­ta is not shared with third par­ties and not trans­mit­ted to any ex­ter­nal server.


When you com­ment on a blog post, we store your email ad­dress in case there is a need for follow-​up com­mu­ni­ca­tion and to pro­tect our­selves if a com­ment con­tains il­le­gal con­tent (li­bel, il­le­gal po­lit­i­cal pro­pa­gan­da etc.). To pro­tect the site from com­ment spam, we analyse your IP ad­dress on our serv­er and re­tain it in anonymized form. If you pro­vide a web­site URL, we use it to link to your site.

If you so choose when com­ment­ing, your email ad­dress is con­vert­ed to a pseu­do­nymized string (hash) and trans­mit­ted to the Gra​vatar​.com ser­vice to check if you have an ac­count there and to down­load your pro­file im­age (pri­va­cy pol­i­cy of Gra​vatar​.com). Af­ter your com­ment has been ap­proved, your pro­file pic­ture will be shown in the con­text of your comment.

Da­ta pro­cess­ing is done in ac­cor­dance the pro­vi­sions of Ar­ti­cle 6(1)(a) (con­sent), (b) (ful­fill­ment of con­tract) and (f) (le­git­i­mate in­ter­est) of the GDPR.


Some of the func­tions de­scribed above use so-​called cook­ies, small text files stored on the com­put­er re­quest­ing the web page. You can pre­vent the in­stal­la­tion of these cook­ies by with­hold­ing con­sent (or by con­fig­ur­ing your brows­er ac­cord­ing­ly). If you do so, it is pos­si­ble that some fea­tures might not be avail­able or won’t work as intended.

Cook­ie NameDe­scrip­tionRe­ten­tion
comment_​author_​hashStores the name used for com­ment­ing on a blog post so that you don’t have to en­ter it again next time.1 year
comment_​author_​email_​hashStores the email ad­dress used for com­ment­ing on a blog post so that you don’t have to en­ter it again next time.1 year
comment_​author_​url_​hashStores the URL used for com­ment­ing on a blog post so that you don’t have to en­ter it again next time.1 year

Da­ta Retention

If you com­ment on a blog post, this com­ment and its as­so­ci­at­ed meta­da­ta is stored in­def­i­nite­ly. This al­lows us to rec­og­nize follow-​up com­ments and ap­prove them im­me­di­ate­ly in­stead of putting them in­to the mod­er­at­ing queue.

The anonymized sta­tis­ti­cal site us­age da­ta is delet­ed af­ter 395 days.

Rights of Da­ta Subjects

Con­cern­ing your da­ta, you have the right

  • to be informed
  • of ac­cess,
  • to rec­ti­fi­ca­tion,
  • to era­sure,
  • to re­strict pro­cess­ing, and
  • to da­ta portability.

You can ex­er­cise these rights by writ­ing an email to privacy@​mundschenk.​at or by us­ing our con­tact form. We may be re­quired to make fur­ther in­quiries for prop­er identification.

You al­so have the right to ap­peal to the es­tab­lished su­per­vi­so­ry au­thor­i­ty, which in Aus­tria is the Datenschutzbehörde.