3.2.0 — Feb­ru­ary 282018

  • Use mini­fied stylesheets and JavaScript files if run­ning in a pro­duc­tion environment.
  • Dis­play cred­it af­ter posts” now works with pages as well as reg­u­lar posts (and cus­tom post types).
  • In­clude schema​.org struc­tured da­ta” can switched off again af­ter first be­ing enabled.
  • Gen­er­al code clean-up.
  • TinyM­CE com­po­nents updated.

3.1.7 — Feb­ru­ary 242017

  • JavaScript com­po­nents should be slight­ly more fault tol­er­ant now.
  • The plu­g­in does not de­pend on the vi­su­al ed­i­tor be­ing en­abled any­more. Props karinamendonca29.

3.1.6 — Feb­ru­ary 42017

  • Re­turn '' (the emp­ty string) when re­triev­ing emp­ty freeform credits.
  • Hon­or “Do not dis­play de­fault cred­it” for fea­tured images.

3.1.5 — Jan­u­ary 292017

  • Pre­vent in­valid link nest­ing in fea­tured im­age cred­its. This means that by de­fault, no <a> tags are print­ed for fea­tured im­age cred­its. The old be­hav­iour can be re­stored by in­clud­ing add_filter( 'media_credit_post_thumbnail_include_links', __return_true ); in the the­me’s functions.php.
  • Dis­play cred­it af­ter posts” is now re­strict­ed to the prop­er sin­gle post view (and not every us­age of the_content hook).
  • Dis­play cred­it af­ter posts” is hon­ored when used to­geth­er with “Dis­play cred­it for fea­tured images”.

3.1.4 — Jan­u­ary 12017

  • Prop­er­ly sync mod­els when edit­ing im­age details.

3.1.3 — De­cem­ber 212016

  • Re­moved non-​existent cus­tomiz­er call­back (props @rboulet).

3.1.2 — De­cem­ber 112016

  • Fixed con­flict be­tween WP­Bak­ery Vi­su­al Com­pos­er 4.x and Me­dia Credit.
  • Up­dat­ed TinyM­CE components.

3.1.1 — Au­gust 152016

  • Fixed JavaScript er­ror in me­dia up­loaded di­rect­ly from Ed­it Post (wp_prepare_attachmnet_for_js on­ly gets called af­ter the up­load fin­ish­es in 4.5.x).

3.1.0 — Au­gust 132016

  • Op­tion­al no-​follow at­tribute added.
  • Op­tion­al schema​.org markup added.
  • Use HTML5 place­hold­ers in­stead of de­fault text when “no de­fault cred­its” is set.
  • Set­tings have been up­dat­ed & streamlined.
  • Added caching for back­end queries.
  • Up­dat­ed TinyM­CE components.
  • Switched to the new Me­dia API based on Backbone.js in­tro­duced in Word­Press 3.5 for a snap­pi­er and more con­sis­tent user experience.
  • Sev­er­al se­cu­ri­ty fix­es and a gen­er­al code clean-​up have been ap­plied due to au­to­mat­ic en­force­ment of Word­Press cod­ing standards.
  • Fixed con­flict be­tween “no de­fault cred­its” and fea­tured im­age credits.

3.0.3 — Ju­ly 132016

  • Up­dat­ing cred­its via the Vi­su­al Ed­i­tor works again. Props siricar, timausk, jellylegs.
  • Con­sol­i­dat­ed UI in “Ed­it Im­age” dialog.

3.0.2 — April 122016

  • Up­dat­ed vi­su­al ed­i­tor plu­g­in for Word­Press 4.5 (min­i­mum Word­Press ver­sion is now 4.5, as well).

3.0.1 — March 202016

  • Fixed run_​wptexturize fil­ter break­age caused by call­ing get_​bloginfo too early.

3.0.0 — March 62016

  • Refac­tored plu­g­in for a more future-​proof architecture.
  • Moved all non-‘template tag’ func­tions out of the glob­al name­space. This might break themes that re­lied on these (un­doc­u­ment­ed) func­tions. Please test be­fore up­dat­ing if you are run­ning a high­ly cus­tomized in­stal­la­tion of Me­dia Credit.
  • Wrap stand­alone me­dia cred­its in if HTML5 sup­port for cap­tions is enabled.
  • Us­es Word­Press lan­guage packs for translations.
  • Fixed pre­vi­ous­ly bro­ken use case when both cap­tion and cred­it are re­moved from an im­age in the vi­su­al editor.
  • Added check whether par­ent is al­ready pub­lished when dis­play­ing “at­tached” media.
  • Added sup­port for fea­tured im­age credits.

2.7.6 — Feb­ru­ary 72016

  • Back­port­ed fix for re­mov­ing both cred­it and cap­tion in Vi­su­al Ed­i­tor (from 3.0 de­vel­op­ment branch).
  • Please note: This will like­ly be the last patch be­fore 3.0.

2.7.5 — No­vem­ber 302015

  • Fixed a bug in Pre­view script.

2.7.4 — Oc­to­ber 192015

  • Fixed emp­ty cred­it ar­ray for media_​credit_​at_​end fil­ter when there is on­ly one (unique) cred­it. Props David Higgins.

2.7.3 — Sep­tem­ber 302015

  • Some­where, the cap­tion ID at­tribute got lost. Sorry.

2.7.2 — Sep­tem­ber 252015

  • Fixed silent er­ror mes­sage re­gard­ing un­set no_​default_​credit option
  • Fixed wpau­top han­dling. Probably.

2.7.1 — Sep­tem­ber 162015

  • Missed a few strings
  • Fixed in­cor­rect po­si­tion­al pa­ra­me­ter strings

2.7 — Sep­tem­ber 162015

  • Hon­or ‘Do not dis­play de­fault cred­it’ op­tion in con­junc­tion with ‘Dis­play cred­it af­ter posts’
  • Added trans­la­tion func­tions to user vis­i­ble strings
  • Added Ger­man translation
  • Fixed re­spon­sive im­age break­age on some themes
  • Fixed au­to­com­plete in customizer

2.6.2 — Au­gust 292015

  • Up­dat­ed JS for switch­ing be­tween Vi­su­al and HTML editors
  • Fixed freeform cred­it pars­ing in Vi­su­al editor

2.6.1 — Au­gust 172015

  • Fixed “me­dia cred­it at end”

2.6.0 — Au­gust 122015

  • lim­it se­lec­table users to au­thors (no subscribers)
  • URL can be set from Me­dia Li­brary, not just in the post editor
  • Cred­it URL can over­ride the au­to­mat­ic au­thor link
  • Added media_​credit_​at_​end fil­ter hook

2.5.1 — Au­gust 22015

  • For­got to re­move some de­bug output

2.5.0 — June 72015

  • Added URL pa­ra­me­ter to short­code and GUI
  • Dis­play im­age tool­bar with WP 4.2

2.4.1 (Dec. 202014)

  • Fix miss­ing new­lines when switch­ing be­tween HTML and Vi­su­al mode in the post editor

2.4.0 (Dec. 172014)

  • Re­placed some dep­re­cat­ed calls
  • Fixed bug that did­n’t add short­code when edit­ing a “plain” im­age tag.
  • Up­dat­ed UI for Word­Press 4.1

2.3.3 — Oc­to­ber 262014

  • Fixed en­cod­ing bug with HTML cred­it lines

2.3.2 — Oc­to­ber 222014

  • Fixed edit­ing of im­age class­es in the vi­su­al editor

2.3.1 — Oc­to­ber 92014

  • Fixed dele­tion of
    short­codes with­out in the vi­su­al editor
  • Fixed bug that added \ to apostrophes/​single quotes in cer­tain circumstances

2.3.0 — Sep­tem­ber 182014

  • Code clean-​up
  • Added sup­port for vi­su­al edit­ing of shortcodes
  • Fixed edit­ed posts not up­dat­ing when cred­its are changed via the me­dia modal.
  • Added FAQ re­gard­ing un­parsed short­codes with Jet­Pack Publicize

2.2.3 — Sep­tem­ber 102014

  • Add plu­g­in ver­sion to CSS & JS files to en­sure the au­to­com­plete bug­fix is applied.

2.2.2 — Sep­tem­ber 62014

  • Fixed long-​standing bug with sav­ing au­to­com­plet­ed credits
  • Fixed miss­ing au­to­com­plete in WP 4.0 me­dia grid

2.2.1 — Sep­tem­ber 42014

  • Fixed E_​NOTICE lev­el er­ror message

2.2.0 — Sep­tem­ber 42014

  • Added op­tion to pre­vent at­tach­ment au­thors as de­fault credit
  • Up­dat­ed TinyM­CE plu­g­in for Word­Press 4.0
  • Var­i­ous bugfixes

2.1.2 — Au­gust 122014

  • Fixed a pack­ag­ing er­ror that ren­dered the plu­g­in inoperational

2.1.1 — Au­gust 112014

  • Fix Vi­su­al Ed­i­tor mode when cred­it field is empty

2.1.0 — April 162014

  • Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with Word­Press 3.9 (TinyM­CE 4.x)
  • Com­plete­ly new Vi­su­al Ed­i­tor code

2.0.1 — Oc­to­ber 292013

  • Bumped ver­sion num­ber to fix up­date no­tice for users of 1.1.2

2.0 — Oc­to­ber 272013

  • Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with Word­Press 3.5 me­dia dialog
  • Fix­es for bugs in Vi­su­al editor
  • Fixed short­code pars­ing (bro­ken since Word­Press 3.4)

1.1.2 — March 12011

  • Fix­es to­tal au­to­com­plete fail­ure on Word­Press 3.1
  • Fix­es freeform cred­it sit­u­a­tion where a user was se­lect­ed but freeform text was en­tered afterward
  • Fix­es ex­tra out­put on ac­ti­va­tion no­tices (they weren’t se­ri­ous, but I imag­ine some peo­ple were freak­ing out see­ing them)

1.1.1 — Sep­tem­ber 192010

  • Up­dat­ing me­dia cred­it in the Me­dia Li­brary re­al­ly does up­date the cred­it with­in posts cor­rect­ly now! (props: Greg Wrey)
  • Adding mul­ti­ple im­ages with freeform me­dia cred­it to a post al­so now works as ex­pect­ed (props: Greg Wrey)

1.1 — June 252010

  • Now com­pat­i­ble with TinyM­CE! Me­dia cred­it will ap­pear in­line (i.e. be­low the pho­to) when us­ing the Vi­su­al ed­i­tor rather than as an ug­ly shortcode.
  • Up­dat­ing me­dia cred­it in the Me­dia Li­brary will now cor­rect­ly and safe­ly up­date it in an at­tached post, re­gard­less of whether it’s a WP user or not

1.0.2 — May 32010

  • Added fil­ter on the_​author so that me­dia cred­it is prop­er­ly dis­played in Me­dia Li­brary (not yet for un­at­tached me­dia, though — will be added in WP 3.1 hopefully)
  • Made $post pa­ra­me­ter ac­tu­al­ly op­tion­al in tem­plate tags (used glob­al $post if not given)

1.0.1 — April 262010

  • Changed post meta field from media-​credit to _​media_​credit so that it does­n’t ap­pear in cus­tom fields sec­tion on Post ed­it page nor­mal­ly. Up­grade script will han­dle chang­ing the key for all ex­ist­ing metadata.

1.0 — April 262010

  • Added au­thor me­dia ren­der­ing meth­ods (see FAQ)
  • If me­dia cred­it is edit­ed in the Me­dia Li­brary, the me­dia cred­it in the post to which me­dia is at­tached to will now up­date as well!
  • On­ly load JS and CSS in ad­min on pages that need it
  • Blank cred­it can now be as­signed to media
  • Switched ren­der­ing of media-​credit short­code cred­it in­fo to div in­stead of span for more read­able RSS feed

0.5.5 — March 92010

  • Switched au­to­com­plete to an old­er, more sta­ble ver­sion — should be work­ing great now for all blogs!
  • With above, fixed loss of con­trol of AJAX func­tion­al­i­ty in Word­Press ad­min area
  • De­fault op­tions are now cor­rect­ly reg­is­tered when the plu­g­in is activated
  • Any pre-​existing op­tions will not be over­writ­ten when ac­ti­vat­ing the plugin
  • Sep­a­ra­tor and or­ga­ni­za­tion names on the set­tings page are prop­er­ly escaped

0.5.1 — March 52010

  • Fixed au­to­com­plete when se­lect­ing cred­it so that it on­ly shows cur­rent­ly se­lec­table users (par­tic­u­lar­ly im­por­tant for Word­Press MU users).
  • Made it so that up­on click­ing in the Cred­it field the text al­ready there will be high­light­ed — start typ­ing right away!
  • Hid me­dia cred­it in­line with at­tach­ments if the “Dis­play cred­its af­ter post” op­tion is enabled.

0.5 — March 42010

  • Ini­tial release