Me­dia Cred­it

This plug­in adds a “Cred­it” field when up­load­ing me­dia to posts and dis­plays it un­der the im­ages on your blog to prop­er­ly cred­it the artist.

When adding me­dia through the Me­dia Up­load­er tool or edit­ing me­dia al­ready in the Me­dia Li­brary, this plug­in adds a new field to the me­dia form that al­lows users to as­sign cred­it for given me­dia to a user of your blog (as­sist­ed with au­to­com­plete) or to any freeform text (e.g. cour­tesy pho­tos, etc.).

When this me­dia is then in­sert­ed in­to a post, a new short­code, [media-credit], sur­rounds the me­dia, in­side of any cap­tion, with the pro­vid­ed me­dia cred­it in­for­ma­tion. Me­dia cred­it in­side this short­code is then dis­played on your blog un­der your me­dia with the class .media-credit, which has some de­fault styling but which you can cus­tomize to your heart’s con­tent.

2 thoughts on “Me­dia Cred­it

    1. @Alessio: At the mo­ment, you would have to fil­ter the short­code han­dler (sor­ry, not doc­u­ment­ed yet, please look at the Github im­ple­men­ta­tion for now) and provide your own HTML out­put.

      Since us­ing target="_blank" is dep­re­cat­ed for ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty rea­sons, I’ll prob­a­bly not add this as a fea­ture in the UI. How­ev­er, I might add a speci­fic fil­ter to en­able target="_blank". That would al­low you to check if the link is ex­ter­nal to your site etc.

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