Can I de­vel­op a hy­phen­ation pat­tern file for an­oth­er lan­guage?

Per­haps. wp-​Typography us­es a de­riv­a­tive of hy­phen­ation pat­terns de­vel­oped for the TeX plat­form. Here is a col­lec­tion of many of the avail­able TeX hy­phen­ation pat­tern files. You will need to find a file for the lan­guage you wish to ad­dress. Next, look in the source code for wp-​Typography at /php-Typography/lang_unformatted/template.txt, the spe­cif­ic needs of lan­guage spe­cif­ic hy­phen­ation pat­terns for this plu­g­in, and how to con­vert them from the orig­i­nal TeX pat­terns are de­tailed there. If a TeX pat­tern does not ex­ist, I sup­pose you could cre­ate one, but I don’t know where to di­rect you.