How does hy­phen­ation work?

The soft-​hyphen is an in­vis­i­ble char­ac­ter that com­mu­ni­cates to web browsers al­low­able line breaks with­in words. When a web brows­er wraps a line at a soft-​hyphen, a hy­phen is shown at line’s end.

Sim­i­lar to the soft-​hyphen, the zero-​space char­ac­ter com­mu­ni­cates al­low­able line breaks with­in strings of text. But un­like the soft-​hyphen, it does not show a hy­phen at line’s end. This is ide­al for forc­ing con­sis­tent wrap­ping of long URLs. It al­so can be used to force line breaks in un­co­op­er­a­tive web browsers af­ter hard-​hyphens in words like “zero-​space” and “soft-​hyphen”.

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