My hy­phen­ation set­tings are ig­nored. What’s wrong?

Re­cent brows­er ver­sions sup­port the hyphens CSS prop­er­ty to en­able hy­phen­ation. If you want to the fin­er con­trol over hy­phen­ation that wp-​Typography of­fers, make sure that the your theme stylesheet does not con­tain

hyphens: auto;

(or one of its vendor-​prefixed vari­ants like -webkit-hyphens). If you can’t re­move the prop­er­ty from the theme’s stylesheet, make sure to add

hyphens: manual;

in a child theme stylesheet or wp-Typography’s in­ject­ed CSS. (Don’t for­get the vendor-​prefixed vari­a­tions!)