What hap­pens if I re­move the plugin?

There is a dif­fer­ence be­tween de­ac­ti­vat­ing the plu­g­in and unin­stalling it. The plu­g­in gets de­ac­ti­vat­ed if you do so on the plu­g­ins page or if you sim­ply delete the plu­g­in files via FTP. No unin­stal­la­tion tasks are per­formed then, so you can ac­ti­vate and de­ac­ti­vate the plu­g­in as you want with­out los­ing the plug­in’s settings.

If you de­ac­ti­vate the plu­g­in und have gra­vatars turned on, they will again show up for every­body, even those com­menters and users who opt­ed out of dis­play­ing gra­vatars. If you changed the de­fault avatar to one of the new lo­cal avatar im­ages, the gra­vatars will not be dis­played un­til you change the de­fault avatar im­age back.


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