There are a few rea­sons: If I processed at the time of sav­ing a post, the changes are de­struc­tive. This means: If peo­ple to back to ed­it their work, there will be a mul­ti­tude of hid­den char­ac­ters that will in­ter­fere with their ef­forts Spell check would be bro­ken (in browsers like Fire­fox) If you dis­able the plu­g­in, the changes are still hard­cod­ed, and will not go away. Changes would on­ly ap­ply to posts saved af­ter the plu­g­in was en­abled (not on pre­vi­ous posts, since they have al­ready been saved, and thus would not trig­ger the ty­po­graph­ic fil­ter­ing). Set­tings would not be editable-​since pre­vi­ous fil­ter­ing is stored in the data­base,Read More →