Can this plu­g­in be used on a mul­ti­site installation?

Yes, the plu­g­in can be used on a mul­ti­site in­stal­la­tion. You can ei­ther ac­ti­vate it on in­di­vid­ual blogs or do a net­work ac­ti­va­tion. As users are glob­al to a mul­ti­site in­stal­la­tion, their choice re­gard­ing Gra​vatar​.com use will af­fect all sites in the net­work. So if a user com­ments on blog A and choos­es to dis­play gra­vatars, this de­ci­sion will be fol­lowed on blog B and C too. On new in­stal­la­tions, com­ment au­thor (i.e. non-​user) opt-​in is record­ed per site, not per net­work. If you first in­stalled Avatar Pri­va­cy 0.4 or ear­li­er, the glob­al ta­ble wp_avatar_privacy con­tin­ues to be used for all sites in the mul­ti­site net­work. This be­hav­ior can be changed by the net­work ad­min in the network-​wide Avatar Pri­va­cy set­tings, or over­ri­den via the fil­ter hook avatar_privacy_enable_global_table.

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